Request number 1 for this weekend is this scene from All Grown Up!. This show is a spin-off series of Rugrats where the toddlers are now tweens. I watched Rugrats religiously when I was a kid, but I didn't really watch this one. Anyway, Tommy Pickles is having trouble with the circus act he's in because he can't seem to loosen up. His goof-ball younger brother Dil suggests practicing in his tighty whities to get over the humiliation factor. This is from the 4th season episode "O Bro, Where Art Thou?"
This is from the episode "Oath to an Ed", where the Eds all get very stiff new clothes. They try loosening them up by washing them in a pond, but Ed goes a bit overboard spinning and Double D's clothes crumble to bits as a result. Guess they'll just have to wear the same outfit every episode like every other animated character does.
Continuing from the last Horrid Henry post, this is pantsing victim number 2, Beefy Bert. The episode is the same, "Horrid Henry's Underpants".
The Cramp Twins are back for more, this time around we have the blue-twin Wayne in some very manly white and pink briefs. Even in his undies, he's a menace to his sibling.
Although it was only last week Kid vs. Kat had an update, there's still a large amount of scenes to be posted. Here we're back to Coop, who's giving himself an atomic wedgie, no small feat. This is from the episode "Flea Brains", where Kat uses flea-shaped robots to control people. Considering how Coop was humiliating Kat in the first half of the episode, he wastes no time getting Coop back. I like the little detail they have of his underwear's waistband peeking above his shorts. 
Although some boys switch it up a bit, Timmy Turner sticks to his briefs through and through. Not sure which episode this is, so I have to rely on my fantastic audience once more.

Update: The episode is from the special "Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part"

The last time I had Johnny Test it was a poll winner, and it won by a landslide. I've never watched the show, but since then I've skimmed it and found quite a good number of scenes. So Johnny Test fans can be pleased that more posts will be on the way. Here is one from episode 13-B, "Johnny and the Attach of the Monster Truck". Eugene aka "Bling Bling Boy" is accidentally sets off a gadget that erases inorganic material. It must of been faulty and thought underwear is organic.

Update: The episode is actually 12-A "Johnny vs. Brainfreezer"
Since the polls are acting funny again, I'll wait a week before using them again, maybe send an error report. The letter D was the leader last time I was on here, but that was Monday evening so it's not the most reliable source. 

Anyway, the D stood for Danny Phantom. The scene here is from the episode "Splitting Images". Danny is trapped in a nerd's body in a mirror world. And since the mirror world is apparently a rip-off of a bad 80's teen movie, they go through all the classic high school humiliation things, including an atomic wedgie. 
This scene is from the very first episode of Xiaolin Showdown, where Omi declares that the new monks in training show him respect. Raimundo shows his "respect" by pantsing little Omi.
For the day before Halloween we have a Kid vs Kat scene, but instead of Coop getting exposed in his blue briefs we have his friends/bully rivals Lorne and Harley this time around. This is from the same episode as the last one, "Trick or Threat", where the two brothers are mobbed by other kids for the horde of candy they possess. Seems like the kids got a little bit carried away and tore apart their costumes as well.